Water Pump

Pink City Group Of Companies is the leading Water Transfer Pump Set supplier in UAE. We specialize in the design, assembling, installation of Water Transfer Pump set in UAE. Our fully trained team of Technicians and Engineers carry out the assembling of pump set in our warehouse. Our team would attend site and quote for the replacement of fixed speed units and install energy efficient pump sets.

Fully automatic for commercial and domestic applications. Transfer Pump sets are designed to provide an efficient solution to water transferring applications where existing supplies are unreliable or insufficient to meet the demands. Transfer Pump sets with the best in modern control techniques, holding true to the traditional principles of quality engineering. Due to the compact design of  Transfer Pump sets offer a small footprint in relation to performance. Installation is straightforward, with site work usually limited to connecting site pipe work and the provision of a suitable electrical supply.

Duty + Standby

Multistage/ Single Stage pumps

Automatic Control Panel

Fittings and Accessories

Stainless Steel Manifolds/ MS fittings with powder coated( black)


Assembled in common base.