Pink City is the UAE’s one of the largest site enclosure specialists, producing the widest range of Fencing, Hoarding and
other building materials to satisfy all your company’s project requirements.
The Company was formed in 2014, and provide refined fencing, hoarding system and all kind of building material,
Our product are seen on construction project throughout the UAE.
Pink City’s continual policy of product quality will ensures we remain at the forefront of the fencing, hoarding and
Building materials market

We Serve Our Customers With:

  • Value for money
  • Commitment to service
  • Market specialization
  • High quality products
  • Cost effective
  • Private and Secure t
  • Corporate Identity
  • Flexible and Versatile


PINK CITY BARRICADE hoarding is UAE’s first re-usable, modular steel site screening system, Offering the flexibility of temporary fencing.

Temporary hoarding panel have been huge success & as a market leader we have a full range of panels & accessories, fully tested and wind certified by an independent body.

BARRICADE hoarding panels offer the following major benefits:

Unique design enables rapid installation and dismantling, and has the strength to ensure they can be re-used repeatedly. The sectional nature allows them to be easily stored and transported. All these features ensure that the product is an extremely cost effective alternative to timber hoarding .
The 2.2m x 2.0 high, site screening panels provide privacy and additional security on contracts where a discrete and safe environment is required.
The galvanized profile sheet can be coated to corporate requirements. The hard-wearing coating is virtually maintenance free and can be washed down to restore its pristine condition. We can also supply high visibility panels for use on traffic management and airport contracts.
The panels are designed for maximum flexibility and are ideally suited for the following applications :- site enclosure, site compounds, tunneling contract, general demarcation, shows and events.


PINK CITY Hoarding Panels incorporate a number of unique features design to give maximum performance and service under the most rigorous site conditions
  • The hoarding panel frame is manufactured, using heavy duty galvanized steel with 2mm thick channel and posts for maximum damage resistance.
  • Panel sheets are rolled from high-grade steel and incorporate Pink city unique LIPFORM edge detail. This profile is designed to follow the post’s curvature and when the panels are connected to the coupler clamps the sheet tightly onto the post, forming a virtually impenetrable joint .
  • The top and the bottom channels incorporate PINK CITY unique CRESFORM post locator system. This offer maximum contact between the post and the hoarding channel. A notched, semi circular detail allow the natural release of water from the bottom rail.
  • The channels are seam-welded to the posts, forming an ultra-strong joint.


In order to determine the optimum hoarding sheet material thickness Pink City devised a test to simulate impact damage to the panels. Rigorous testing clearly showed that 0.7mm is the ideal material thickness for the standard panel applications, whilst 0.85mm satisfies the requirements of the most demanding situations.
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